Oral Health

At Yate, we are passionate about our patient’s oral hygiene and wanted to provide some simple steps to keep your teeth happy and healthy.

1. Take time to carefully check your diet for the amount of sugar you are consuming.
2. Brush twice a day for 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste. Spit out the paste but do not rinse.
3. Use an interdental aid such as floss daily.
4. Look regularly in your mouth to check for lumps, bumps and any ulcers that do not heal within 2 weeks.
If you are concerned with any aspect of your oral health, please contact the practice via phone or email.

Mouth Cancer Awareness

By spotting mouth cancer early, we have a much better chance of beating it.

With early diagnosis, the chances of surviving mouth cancer are nine out of ten – those odds are pretty good, and that’s why knowing what to look out for is so important.

We encourage everybody to be mouth aware and pay close attention to what is going on inside the mouth.

Please see the attached self examination poster for helpful tips on what to look out for – Mouth Aware Self Examination Poster

Most importantly, if you are concerned or notice anything out of the ordinary, please contact the practice via phone or email.

For more information and guidance, please visit: https://www.dentalhealth.org/mouthcancer